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Let’s dive into the finest of Ottawa’s thriving culinary scene! I would love nothing more than to share my passion for life with you over an evening of intellectually stimulating conversation and playful glances, before retreating behind closed doors.

For those looking to indulge, consider stealing me away for a few extra hours to delight in an evening of close dancing, eclectic live music, or as your very own stunning arm candy for a night at the theatre.

3 hour cocktails*  1000

4 hour dinner  1200

5 hour dinner  1400

6 hour evening  1600

*Please note that I do not consume alcohol. Feel free to indulge in your favourite glass of wine or cocktail as I happily accompany you while enjoying my beverage of choice.

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Alexandra Sky – Independent Escort Rates

90 mins 700*

2 hours 800

3 hour cocktails 1000

4 hour dinner 1200

5 hour dinner 1400

6 hour evening 1600

8 hours 1800

10 hours 2300

12 hours 2700

14 hours 3000

16 hours 3500

1 day 4300

2 days 7000

3 days 9000

*return guests only

-One hour engagements are available outside of Ottawa, when I am visiting other cities

-For couples’ pricing, please see my couples’ page.