Frequently Asked Questions


Can you say more about the approach you take to companionship?

This isn’t really a frequently asked question (oops!) but I wanted to take the opportunity to expand on my approach here. One of the ways I’ve come to understand myself in relation to others is by using the term ‘relationship-centred’, as opposed to ‘transaction-based’. This describes my approach in my professional life.  What this means is that, for me, it’s important to get to know you and meet you wherever you’re at (how much or little about yourself you share is up to you), and figure out in what ways we can connect in order for us to have the best possible time together.

Whether we meet once or many times, my aim is to connect with you as a human being. Rather than focusing on providing a particular service (or thinking about you as someone who is a consumer of my services),  I consider you to be someone seeking to enjoy my company, and our time together.

Honesty  guides how I show up for you. This means that, should an issue between the two of us ever arise (i.e. boundaries on either end not being respected), I will take the time to bring it up so we can address it together. This ensures that each of us can relax in each other’s company, not wondering if any false pretenses, or worries, are driving our actions.

What are your interests and passions?

You may not be surprised to find that I am a woman of many passions and interests. I am currently engaged in building two businesses: one in digital marketing, and another in conflict resolution work. I love connecting with people, particularly with those who can inspire me. I am increasingly passionate about expanding peace and harmony in the world. I am therefore quite engaged in conflict mediation work, working to strengthen the ways we communicate with each other.

As for my hobbies: Active in my current repertoire are singing, dancing, roller derby and beaching (yes, I just used that as a verb). I also play basketball, volleyball, and am training to work as a peer counsellor. 

What can I expect upon our first meeting?

Expect to get to know one another on several levels and enjoy one another’s company.

I personally find that meetings lasting less than 4 hours do not allow for the full benefit of my companionship. I am more relaxed, and able to be present for you, if I am not worried about the time ticking by. I have the opportunity to really settle into your company, and you into mine, building the chemistry that is essential for an ideal date.

If this is your first time seeking to hire a companion, welcome! I’d love to know more about why you’ve chosen this route, and what you are most excited about. I promise to do my best to make your first experience a positively memorable one.

I would like to bring you a gift to show my appreciation. Any ideas?

Tips or gifts are not required, or expected, but your generosity and kindness are always appreciated. I’ve created an entire section on my site devoted to broadening your imagination for gift ideas.

Click here to see this page.

May I bring a bottle of wine for us to share during our meet?

I am a non-drinker. You are still welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy, if you don’t mind me sipping on a glass of Perrier alongside you.

Do you meet with women?

Yes, you can read more about women here.  

Do you meet with couples?

I do! You can read more about couples and see my rates here. 


I'd like to meet. How do I contact you?

I’m so happy you’ve decided to get in touch.

I am selective with whom I spend my time with, as I believe strongly in only doing the kind of work that fuels me, with those who energize and inspire me. This, in addition to my need for safety, means that I require you to undergo a screening process.

First Meeting

I’ve tried to make my booking process as fun and convenient for you as possible, while keeping my safety and security in mind.

Please use this form to make first contact, even if you’re not quite sure about the details of our first meeting. It provides a good template for an introductory email. Just indicate in the comments section that you’re unsure about dates and times and we’ll figure it out from there.

When you’re ready to take the next step, please fill out my booking form here .

Meeting again

No need to fill out the booking form again. Please email me directly if you’d like to schedule a second, third or one-hundredth date!

How much notice do you need?

I am quite the busy bee, with a very full life, though I do my best to make time to meet with you. Chances are that you will not be able to secure your preferred date and time if you are contacting me with less than 2-3 days’ notice. I absolutely do not take appointment requests on a same-day basis, in order to give myself enough time to screen you. This also means that I have time to best prepare for our time together. For any meeting over 6 hours, please provide me with an absolute minimum of 48-hours’ notice.

What kind of verification do you require? What if I do not have any references?

I want to do my best to ensure that the experience of contacting me and establishing a meeting is as easy and painless for you as possible. You can view all 5 options on my booking form. They include:

1. References

I ask that you list the names of 1-2 providers you’ve met with in the last 2 years, and provide me with their website addresses as well as their email addresses. To ensure this process is efficient, please send the ladies a note about having listed them as references so they know to expect my email.

2. Employment Verification

You give me your name, company website, and link to the page you are listed on. Then, to verify that this person is you, you send me an email using your work email address. I will provide you with an alternate email, to make things more discreet. If you prefer, I can also call you at work and ask for you by name (give me a message to give to the receptionist i.e. calling about a mail package or doctor’s appointment). Please note that I will never contact you on your work email or phone number without your explicit permission, and without discussing best times to reach you beforehand.

3. Prepayment or deposit

You’re welcome to send me a deposit, or full payment, in advance to secure our time together. I will provide you with an alternate email address to do this.

4. Photo ID and selfie with date

This just helps me know that you are a real and verifiable human. Sending an ID is great, but verifying that it actually represents you, is even better. Just attach a photo of you holding up a piece of paper with today’s date, so I can see both images side by side.


What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and Interac email transfers (Canadian bank accounts only). On occasion, I do accept PayPal transfers. If you prefer to pay by e-transfer or PayPal, I must receive the donation in full before we are scheduled to meet.

When do you require deposits?

There are several scenarios in which I will ask for a deposit:


If you are unable to provide me with any references or employment information as methods of screening, or follow any other verification methods, I will ask that you pay a deposit to secure our time together.

Previous Cancellations

If you have previously cancelled a scheduled meeting with me on short notice, I require a deposit to secure our time together.

First dates longer than 6 hours

I also ask that any new clients pay a deposit of $200 for any dates scheduled for 6 hours or longer. For any date longer than 12 hours, I ask for a $500 deposit before I confirm our date.

Pre-meeting planning

If our date requires heavy correspondence and planning before meeting, I will ask for a deposit.


If I am being flown in to meet you in your city, I require a portion of our date fee to be paid before travel arrangements are finalized.

-Before confirming our travel plans, I do ask for a deposit to secure our dates together and clear my schedule for the time we will be away.

What is your cancellation policy?

My cancellation policy reflects the value of my time, and your willingness to comply assures me that you respect me and the way I conduct my business. I do make exceptions for those whom I have previously met, and in instances where cancellations are not regular occurrences.

Shortening our time together

Should we plan to spend a certain amount of time together, but upon arrival you decide to shorten the length of time, I will still require the agreed upon donation in full. When setting aside time for us, I make arrangements to clear my schedule for you, for the entire duration of our time together.

Cancelling on short notice

I ask for the full donation amount, for any meeting cancelled within 24 hours of our scheduled time, or within 48 hours if I am touring to your city. I may choose to use this cancellation fee as a credit for a rescheduled appointment, should cancelling not be a regular occurrence for you. For any no-show appointments, or appointments missed without any advance notice, I ask for the full amount, with no credit being applied to future appointments. This allows me to consider meeting you at another time.

Cancelling an overnight or travel date

I ask for a minimum of 4 days’ notice when cancelling an overnight. If cancelled within the 4-day time frame, I ask for a portion of the donation, and the deposit of $500 will not be refunded. Any overnights cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, I will ask for 3/4ths of the donation amount to be paid before I will consider meeting you again. The same policy applies for travel appointments. I require 1 week advance notice for cancellation , to avoid penalty.


If we’ve met in the past, can I pay you your old rate?

I often encourage guests, with whom I’ve already met, to pay my current rate. My current rates reflect the value of my time at this present moment (as my business evolves and my life becomes more and more full, I cater my rates to reflect this). Having said that, I want to encourage honesty and openness in my relationships, so if the current rates are not feasible for you, please email me and we can discuss this.


When are you available to meet?

My schedule varies depending on what exciting projects I have going on in my life at any given time. Generally, I am flexible, and can make myself available to meet according to your schedule as long as I’m given some notice, weekends included. Please list some meeting time and date options in your initial email, and I will respond with my availability and preferences.

Where are you located?

I host at my quiet and discreet location in Ottawa’s downtown core.

Can you meet me in my city?

I’m available for exclusive travel by request, and require all expenses to be paid for in advance, as well as a deposit to be made covering a portion of our time together.

I do occasionally travel and host in other cities. In this case, I will send out an update on my mailing list, and post my dates on my Twitter account. You are welcome to sign up to my Toronto email list to receive notifications about when I will next be in town.


Can I write a Review?

If you had a positive experience and would like to write a review about it, all I ask is that you please let me know before you post it.

If during our time together, you find yourself feeling disappointed, or like I am not meeting your expectations, I encourage you to raise your concerns. This gives us an opportunity to make changes accordingly.

I do my best to pick up on cues, and communicate openly if I notice something is off, but unfortunately I haven’t developed the ability to read minds (yet), and it would be a shame if things aren’t going as you expected, simply because of a miscommunication. Chances are that creating the experience that is best for you, will also be better for me. In my experience in the role of ‘client’, I have been able to change my experiences more to my liking whenever I have spoken openly about it, and tell the service provider about my unmet needs or expectations. I believe this process is empowering, and inspiring, and I encourage all my guests to give it a try. You have the opportunity to be met with care and kindness upon voicing an unmet wish, and the possibility of enhancing the overall experience as a result.


Are your pictures recent? What are your measurements?

Part of my commitment to honesty and authenticity includes having photos on my website that accurately represent what I currently look like. I am a tall lady, standing at 5’9.

I realize that there are several reasons as to why this question is important (with regard to measurements). One such reason may be to help you better imagine what I look like in real life. For this, I make sure to keep my photos as current and accurate as possible. Have a look at my gallery if you’re unsure. I don’t give out my measurements primarily because I often do not know them. I strive to live life in ways that are healthy for me: eating fresh, organic food; exercising regularly; and not worrying about my weight or measurements. I prefer not to be defined by numbers; I’m a quality over quantity kind of gal. If knowing the exact measurements is very important to you, chances are we will not be a good match. I tend to connect best with clients who are seeking to connect with a woman based on her overall compatibility and quality of experience, and less with those rigidly focused on the qualities of their bodies and appearances.

Did you create your website yourself?

All of the text, colours, fonts and photos you see here have been carefully curated by yours truly. I spent a better part of a year thinking about what kind of message I wanted to convey, to align my online presentation with my in-person aesthetic and personality. I hope you enjoy the website, down to every last written word.