Frequently Asked Questions


I'm concerned about my privacy and have questions about submitting the booking form or sharing my information over email.

I take our privacy and security (both yours and mine) very seriously, which is why I only use email, web hosting and data storage with servers located in the European Union and protected under strict Swiss privacy laws. In addition, all information sent to me (including when you fill out my booking form or email me directly) is both double-encrypted and secured by VPN. I pay higher premiums in order to ensure that the services I use offer added protection for us both, ensuring our mutual peace of mind.

It’s helpful if you sign up for an email address through protonmail to ensure the added layer of protection for us both. If you do make the switch, please email me to ensure I have your updated contact information.

May I bring a bottle of wine for us to share during our meet?

I am a non-drinker. You are still welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy, if you don’t mind me sipping on a glass of Perrier alongside you.

Do you meet with women? Do you meet with couples?

Yes. Please visit my women’s and couples page for more information

Do you offer duets?

Yes. Please note that for each duet, I double the rate of whichever of us has the higher donation amount. Visit my duet page for more information.

What kind of verification do you require? What if I do not have any references?

I want to do my best to ensure that the experience of contacting me and establishing a meeting is as easy and painless for you as possible. You can view all 5 options on my booking form. They include:

1. References

I ask that you list the names of 1-2 providers you’ve met with in the last 2 years, and provide me with their website addresses as well as their email addresses. To ensure this process is efficient, please send the ladies a note about having listed them as references so they know to expect my email.

2. Employment Verification

You give me your name, company website, and link to the page you are listed on. Then, to verify that this person is you, you send me an email using your work email address. I will provide you with an alternate email, to make things more discreet. If you prefer, I can also call you at work and ask for you by name (give me a message to give to the receptionist i.e. calling about a mail package or doctor’s appointment). Please note that I will never contact you on your work email or phone number without your explicit permission, and without discussing best times to reach you beforehand.

3. Prepayment or deposit

You’re welcome to send me a deposit, or full payment, in advance to secure our time together. I will provide you with an alternate email address to do this.

4. Photo ID and selfie with date

This just helps me know that you are a real and verifiable human. Sending an ID is great, but verifying that it actually represents you, is even better. Just attach a photo of you holding up a piece of paper with today’s date, so I can see both images side by side.

What is your cancellation policy?

My cancellation policy reflects the value of my time, and your willingness to comply assures me that you respect me and the way I conduct my business.


Shortening our time together on arrival means that I will still require the agreed upon donation in full. When setting aside time for us, I make arrangements to clear my schedule for you, for the entire duration of our time together.


Any meeting cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount; cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking are subject to a cancellation fee of 100%.

Any booking of 6 hours or longer cancelled within a week of the scheduled date will incur a $1,000 cancellation fee. I may choose to use this cancellation fee as a credit for a rescheduled appointment, should cancelling not be a regular occurrence for you.

For any no-show appointments, or appointments missed without any advance notice, I ask for the full amount, with no credit being applied to future appointments. This allows me to consider meeting you at another time.

I ask for a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to avoid any penalty whatsoever, except for when I have made arrangements to travel out of town to our meeting or cancelled other travel plans to be available for our meeting. In these scenarios, I will ask for a cancellation fee all the same.


If we’ve met in the past, can I pay you your old rate?

I often encourage guests, with whom I’ve already met, to pay my current rate. My current rates reflect the value of my time at this present moment (as my business evolves and my life becomes more and more full, I cater my rates to reflect this). Having said that, I want to encourage honesty and openness in my relationships, so if the current rates are not feasible for you, please email me and we can discuss this.

Can I write a review?

I ask that you refrain from writing or posting any reviews of our time together. In my opinion, review culture has done more harm than good for the workers of this industry and I’d like to do my part to change that.

If you wish to write something, please email it to me and indicate that I have your permission to post it without any identifying details and I will post it to my social media.