Let’s dive into the finest of Ottawa’s thriving culinary scene! I would love nothing more than to share my passion for life with you over an evening of intellectually stimulating conversation and playful glances, before retreating behind closed doors.

For those looking to indulge, consider stealing me away for a few extra hours to delight in an evening of close dancing, eclectic live music, or as your very own stunning arm candy for a night at the theatre.

3 hour cocktails*  1100

4 hour dinner  1300

5 hour dinner  1500

6 hour evening  1700

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Day Trip

Yes, I am a definite highlight of the nation’s capital, but allow me to let you in on the rest of the city’s hidden gems.

A leisurely stroll (or skate!) down the world famous Rideau Canal; a day of cycling, canoeing, or skiing through the breath-taking scenery that is Gatineau park; or spending the day at local music festival. Let’s sip on iced lattes, soak in the sunshine on a lively rooftop, and anticipate the night to come.

8 hours  2100

10 hours  2400

12 hours  2800

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Enliven your brief stay in the city, or use me as an excuse to give yourself the ‘vacation’ you have been craving, but cannot find the time to take. A soak in the tub, a roll in the hay, and a perfect snuggle are all among the best ways to create a night your mind will frequently return to.

12 hours (just the night)  2800

14 hours (dinner to start)  3100

16 hours (dinner, breakfast in bed)  3600

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The two of us lounging side by side at North America’s largest outdoor spa, Le Nordik; a day visiting one of the nearby picturesque towns, or my favourite: spending some time unplugging in a cozy rustic cottage for a serene weekend getaway. Whether you’re looking to liven up your weekend or slow it down, I’m happy to be the inspirational muse to make it happen.

24 hours  4300

48 hours  7000

72 hours  9000

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Alexandra Sky – Independent Escort Rates

3 hour cocktails 1100* **

4 hour dinner 1300

5 hour dinner 1500

6 hour evening 1700

8 hours 2100

10 hours 2400

12 hours 2800

14 hours 3100

16 hours 3600

1 day 4300

2 days 7000

3 days 9000

* Please note that I do not consume alcohol. Feel free to indulge in your favourite glass of wine or cocktail as I happily accompany you while enjoying my beverage of choice. Three hours also includes one hour of social time.

**My minimum 3 hour policy reflects the fact that I’m at my best the more time I have to be with you.

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