Women & Couples


The involvement and experiences of women, as clients in this industry, are often undermined and overlooked. You are welcome to enjoy the experience of my company without fear of judgement, and with the knowledge that I truly cherish the moments I spend with other women. Allow me to inspire you…

Compelling and dynamic, my personality will charm your pants off (or so the saying goes!). I am a sensually driven and affectionate person, excited to indulge in the depth of connection we create.

I welcome all women to spend time in my company.

Comfort and safety are extremely important to me, as is creating an environment where we can both feel cared for. I strive to make you feel as sexy as you truly are, and encourage your sensuality to bloom in my company.  I welcome women of all shapes and sizes to spend time with me.

My passion and desire for intimacy with women means that I have explored a variety of roles during play. If you have a particular preference for our dynamic, feel free to reach out to me via email and share more about the particular desires you’d like to explore together.
I am also happy to offer sliding scale pricing for women clients. Please contact me, and we can discuss this further in order to come up with something that works for us both.


You impatiently await the arrival of this mesmerizing and spirited woman, wondering what it will be like to bring her into the intimacy and fondness you’ve already cultivated with each other.

Will this strengthen our bond as a couple? Enhance the ecstatic experiences we effortlessly create together, or seek to strengthen? Allow us to explore uncharted territory side-by-side, and open up the possibilities of learning something new about one another?

The answer is yes!

Inviting a third person into your relationship for the evening can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. I cherish these opportunities and am also aware that this may be something you’ve never done before, or do not do very often. You’ve decided to put your trust in a kind, enthusiastic and experienced professional, and you get to just focus on enjoying yourselves. Allow me to bring out the best in all three of us!

I am comfortable with interacting with the both of you, or with just one, you decide. We can discuss our desires and comfort levels once we begin corresponding with one another, an essential part of assessing whether or not I am the right companion for you.


Couples’ Rates:

An Enticing Introduction (90 mins)  900

A Breath-Taking Escape for Three (2 hours)  1100

Trois Heures Ensemble (3 hours)  1300

Dinner and Company  (4 hours)  1500

(Add 200 for each additional hour)

Frequently Asked Questions: Couples

Do you enjoy being with other women?

Yes! I love being with other women. I have been entertaining women in my professional and private life for several years now, and have had many experiences with other women, all of which I have fully enjoyed. As such, I can assure you both that our time together will be genuine and enjoyable for all of us. Once we meet, this question will not even be a doubt in your mind, that’s a promise.

Have you been with couples before?

Yes. I have been providing companionship since 2010, and in that time, I have met with many couples.

We are new to this. Anything we should know before proceeding with a booking?

It’s important to me that, by the time you’ve contacted me, you and your partner have discussed the
potential of spending time with me. While an encounter with me may sound like a great way to surprise your hubby, inviting me to join you without the third person knowing may make things more than uncomfortable for all of us. In fact, I do not move forward with booking inquiries unless I have spoken to both parties directly.

It’s also important that you both discuss what visions you both have for our encounter and if these desires align with each other’s and mine.


We are feeling a bit nervous and unsure. What do you recommend?

It’s completely understandable that you may be feeling nervous about embarking on this endeavour, especially if this will be a new experience for you. I find that communicating via email, prior to meeting, really helps make sure that we are all on the same page, and allows us to exchange information about preferences and boundaries without the pressure of being face to face. I also require a phone call before we’re all set to move forward. In my experience, this helps make us feel a little more comfortable before taking the plunge. Rest assured, you’re in good hands and I will do my best to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable for you both. 

We have concerns about confidentiality. Can you speak to this?

I understand that concerns about privacy and confidentiality arise, and can often be a barrier in partaking in this indulgence, or fully enjoying yourself. I can assure you that the information you provide me will not be revealed to anyone. Most of the information I require, including your phone number and emails, are for screening purposes. Other information I ask for helps me get a better idea of how to best approach our time together. Your privacy is important to me and I can assure you I will proceed with the utmost discretion.

What is the process of setting up a meeting with you?

To ensure my own safety and comfort, I require that all guests I meet with undergo my screening process. For couples, this simply means that I will ask you to provide me with information about yourselves and answer a few questions. I also ask that I schedule a phone call with the lady to get a better idea of what comfort levels and boundaries may exist that I should be aware of.

Can we bring a bottle of wine or our favourite champagne to start?

Yes, of course. I do not drink but don’t let me stop the two of you. If you’d like to bring something for me, my preferred beverage is sparkling water with a slice of lime.