What to Get Your Favourite Escort for Xmas (+ The Politics of Wish Lists)

What to Get Your Favourite Escort/ Provider for Christmas (and The Politics of Wish Lists)


This post is inspired by:

-my birthday (just around the corner now!)

-Christmas (the most wonderful time of the year?)

-SP Twitter: I couldn’t help but notice all of the wish lists ladies have taken the time to carefully curate. Kudos!

So it got me thinking…

Gifts are a common way that people choose to show appreciation for those they’re thinking about. According to the 5 love languages “the perfect gift or gesture can show that you are known, you are cared for, and you are prized above whatever was sacrificed to bring the gift to you.”

As a companion, I’ve struggled with how to think about gifts. Looking back now I can see that I feared being labelled as a gold digger or someone who prizes material possessions above all else (if you knew me, you’d laugh at this statement). In the last year I came to realize that there’s nothing wrong with asking for what I want, so long as I do not place unfair expectations on others in doing so.

When a client approaches me about getting me a gift, I always make sure to check in around what the intent is. I remember when I was a kid, I would buy all my friends 5 cent candies at the convenience store because I desperately wanted them to like me. So I don’t want to fuel a dynamic between me and a kind gentleman who feels he needs to shower me in gifts in order for me to like him. I love most people, so long as they are kind, genuine and respectful.  The act of gift giving can place unwanted stress or pressure on the giver, and that’s really the last thing I want.

What I’ve realized is that many people take pleasure in gifting others. And why wouldn’t they? Giving is a core part of the human experience. For example, I love showing and receiving appreciation through verbal affirmations: compliments, kind insights about others, terms of endearment. And while I love being on the receiving end of such gestures (provided the context is right), I’m starting to think that I may actually love this more when I do it for other people. I love watching others glow!

And so I have come to see gifts as one (of many) way(s) to invest in your relationship with someone. And better yet, as a way to invest in the other person’s health and happiness. I can see that when clients offer to gift me, they often do so out of a place where they experience joy from investing in my growth, even outside my relationship with them. I believe strongly in building the kinds of relationships we want with others. If gift giving is something that each party agrees so and feels good in, then I’m all for it.

For me, being on the receiving end of gifts has meant that I have been encouraged to prioritize my health and happiness (gifts like relaxation retreats will surely do this) when I wouldn’t necessarily be spending my money in these places otherwise. It has meant that I am able to grow and ground myself (communication workshops and erotic embodiment workshops) while being able to make bigger financial commitments to my future and the well-being of my family and community. These are just some of the ways that receiving gifts has impacted me. In fact, I recently noticed that I make bigger financial contributions to my favourite charities and projects in times when I am being given more in this arena in my life.  Surely being on the receiving end of generosity can foster generosity within ourselves.

This is a thank you post to all the kind loves who’ve shown me appreciation over the years with gifts (don’t worry if you haven’t been one of them- I’m starting to think about writing other posts for those who shine in other ways like spending time with me, showing appreciation through kind words and those who offer up acts of service, you’re all gems!).

I thought I’d list out what some of those have been and hopefully give you some ideas around what to gift your favourite provider for Christmas (and maybe some of the ideas will be so great that you’ll take these into other areas of your life too xo).

Check with your provider before gifting her. The following is coming to you from my perspective and receiving things like a house cleaning service, for example, may feel invasive to others. Consent first 🙂

 1. Invest in your companion’s business(es): Give the gift of growth and long term sustainability and watch your companion light up with appreciation. Some ideas include: paying for a photoshoot, clothing and shoes she may not buy on her own, a personal shopper to help with a wardrobe overhaul. Better yet, invest in her development and skills that’ll be useful both in her business and in her personal life. My sweets have been kind enough to gift me with registration costs to workshops on building stronger communication skills, sexual healing and embodiment workshops, conflict coaching training and even a 4-day retreat in the tropics to help me better connect with myself. Forever grateful!

2. Encourage her to take time for herself: Chances are, your provider is a hard worker and a busy bee. Whatever the case, we could all use more reasons to spend time with ourselves in relaxing environments. Some gift ideas: AirBnb gift cards, spa gift certificates, meditation or yoga retreats, flight costs for the vacation of her dreams.

3. Acts of service: If your provider is busy and juggling a lot at once, going out of your way to relieve some of her duties may just have her running into your arms with thanks. Gift ideas: hire a meal service for a week, cleaning services, dog sitters etc. Recently, a kind gentleman paid for dog training class for me and my little one. A very sweet gesture, given that my cute doggie was getting a little hard to support.

4. Entertain her: we could all use some more fun in our lives, always. Gift ideas: book her a session with her favourite escort, get her tickets to a concert or show she’ll love. And this, because everyone needs one: Custom Rock Font Name Plate Ring

5. Warm her heart with sweet somethings: An Origami Money Rose, bath salts, books from her favourite author, her favourite flower, and if you want to get serious, maybe even a puppy (though you should check with her first- unless she’s talked about wanting one before. Hint: this is the gift that would make me fall over myself). Something I know would also warm my heart would be to make a donation in my name to one of my favourite charities.

I asked the ladies of Twitter to tell me about their dream gifts or some of the best gifts they’ve received to keep the influx of ideas coming. Here’s what they said!