What Energizes and Inspires You? On ‘Health’ and Striving for Ecstatic Expression (Part 2 of 2)

“An ecstatic experience can shatter a glass ceiling of our limited possibilities, revealing a new unexplored galaxy”

In part one of this post, I tried to explain the crux of what I mean by an ecstatic experience. I was inspired to write this piece due several new activities I’ve been partaking in that have led me into an upward spiral of productivity and motivation. (You may have already guessed that I am one of the most ambitious people you have come across, just ask me about all the different career paths I am considering!)

I sit here and write this post after having just come back from playing one of two weekly basketball games. As soon as I started to play again on a regular basis, I instantly felt a new sense of renewed energy and inspiration. (I used to play a lot of basketball back in the day but stopped for several years in order to devote more time and energy to academic pursuits and lots of volunteer work).  I thought to myself: “I have just found the key to being able to accomplish the many many many things I want to do with my time and energy”. This is why the quote above resonated with me so much: ecstatic experiences are ones that open up a world of possibilities.

And so, one of the primary ways I strive to achieve and maintain good health is through actively scheduling ecstatic experiences into my weekly timetable; I play basketball twice a week (and am looking to start playing more frequently, and more seriously), I make a point of going out to dance at least twice a month (what a great stress reliever and energy boost!), and I have kept up with my singing training which has me practicing at least several times a week. I want to stress how positive the impacts of all this have been for me. I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about when I use the phrase ‘the winter blues’. I actually never notice how little I leave my house or how much less energy I have in the winter until the summer arrives. But this year, I feel like I’m on top of the world (and we’re just coming out of some of the most brutal months of winters we’ve had here in Ottawa for a while!).

So why am I writing about this and sharing it here with all of you? Well, I wanted to let you in on my secret. This will probably explain why I am often in the best of moods and why people have described my energy as being both vibrant and contagious. I am also a firm believer in the fact that our emotional and mental health are crucial aspects of our well-being (and these are often the more neglected aspects of our health) and how our emotional and mental health also strongly affect our physical health (we’ve all heard about the studies that prove that people who live with more stress are also the ones in poorer physical health and vice versa). And so I want to encourage you to seek out these ecstatic experiences.

Barbara Carrellas talks a lot about how most people’s ability to achieve ecstatic energy is through sexual avenues. And that’s great, I am a firm believer in exploring sexuality and sex as an essential part of our well-being (I wrote a little about my views on sex here). This is part of the reason that I enjoy my work so much. I am able to have many ecstatic experiences with the people I meet, especially in instances where my guest and I have an established connection and get to talk about things that stimulate me on deeper levels (I didn’t mean for that to sound as dirty as it did…).

I would love to hear from you about what sorts of things energize and inspire you? How do you strive for and achieve ecstasy? Feel free to comment below or email me personally.

I hope you enjoyed this read and that this post has inspired you, or at the very least, put a smile on your face.