What Energizes and Inspires You? On ‘Health’ and Striving for Ecstatic Expression (Part 1 of 2)

Winter has been upon us for some time now and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the arrival of spring since summer ended!

So indulge me, what are your tips and tricks for getting through the bitter cold and darkness that Ottawa’s winter brings? Winter 2013-14 has been less of a challenge for me than previous years and I’m about to let you in on some of my very own secrets to explain my change in mood this year.

Have you ever thought about the prospect of actively incorporating more energy-inducing activities into your life style?

Let me explain…

As those of you whom I have already had the pleasure of meeting may know, I’m a bit of a natural health geek. My own interpretations of health are sometimes very different from what others automatically imagine when they hear the word ‘health’. What I mean is, the means I use to achieve ‘good health’ are usually somewhat different from most people’s.

We live in a world that is constantly ‘on the go’ (there are times where I actually eat my dinner while walking the streets of centre town, on my way to wherever I need to be!) and this way of living and the stress it brings can be quite taxing on our bodies. In my quest for learning how to treat my body and mind in nicer ways, I have learned about and tried to prioritized a couple of different things for myself:

-better eating habits, including incorporating more nutritious foods into my diet

-natural healing foods and herbs for when I’m sick.

-actively incorporating things into my life that give me ecstatic energy and foster ecstatic expression

This two part post is centered primarily on that last point: ecstatic energy and expression.

I take this idea from the book “Ecstasy Is Necessary: A Practical Guide”,  by Barbara Carrellas (I’ve linkedto the book here). In this book, Carrellas’ talks about her ability to achieve orgasm using only her mind and imagination, and she uses (sexual) orgasms as a way to talk about things that give us endless positive energy and inspiration. To help illustrate my understanding of ecstatic expression, I’ve taken some direct quotes from the book:

-Words often used to describe ecstatic experience include “pleasant, happy, pleasure, nice” (p. 5)

-”Ecstasy is not a ‘feel good’ or a ‘just good fun’ experience. Ecstatic experiences disassemble us in some significant way and swirl our pieces back together again in new configurations…An ecstatic experience can shatter a glass ceiling of our limited possibilities, revealing a new unexplored galaxy (p. 5).

-Ecstatic experiences other than orgasm and sex can include things that involve: art, music, breathing, connection, dancing, food, laughing, nature, sports, touch, traveling (pp. 6-13)  .

I’m going to leave you with those thoughts for now. Think about what sorts of things give you the same energy that, say, orgasms do. What kinds of things have you been able to discover for yourself, besides sex and orgasm, that leave you feeling energized and inspired?

I’ll be back next week to fill you in on my own discoveries about the experiences that give me ecstasy…stay tuned!