My Toronto To-Do List!

Hey Toronto!  Whenever I get the opportunity to visit, I intend on making the very best of what you have to offer.  Read on to find out what I’m lusting to get my hands on in TO…

(My next visit happens to be on November 9th with some wiggle room to arrive earlier!)

It’s a well-kept secret I’m actually a born-and-raised Torontonian masquerading as an Ottawan.  Even though I grew up gazing at the CN Tower I didn’t really spend much time exploring my own city.  I still feel the excitement of a tourist whenever I arrive at Billy Bishop.

So, in the hopes of squeezing the most out of each visit – and I plan to make many over the next year – here is my rather ambitious collection of must-sees for Toronto.


1)   Gallery Excursion

I’ve always been curious about the AGO but I have to admit that I don’t always understand the complexities and histories that makes each piece significant enough a merit a place in those hallowed halls.   So if you know a thing or two about ‘Big Art’ and an afternoon sharing your thoughts with me doesn’t bore you to tears, let’s go!

Hotel: The small boutique Templar Hotel looks very interesting if you tend towards modern art.  My outfits in our suite will be just as minimalist as our surroundings.

2)   SPiN Ping Pong Bar:  A cute game of table tennis on King West would be a refreshing way to make an introduction.  Good clean fun, right?  ;).  Just thought I would bounce this idea out there…

Hotel: The Ritz Carlton Toronto is conveniently located just down the street from this spot.


3) Fresh Juice Bar: A healthy and creative alternative to the traditional cocktail date. We’re talking energy-boosting super foods, anti-oxidants, and all the delicious things that do the body good.  And did I mention delicious? Trust me, you’ll be glad I hooked you on this one.   We might just discover the best new aphrodisiac since the oyster!  I accept kisses and gift certificates to Spa Nordik as thank yous.

Hotel:  We can finish our healthy afternoon with some fresh air on The Thompson’s rooftop lounge.


3)   Let’s Get Physical

The kink community has long known the pure erotic joy of wrestling, yoga, and thai massage with a brave partner.  Pushing physical and emotional boundaries like this has always made me curious, not just as a way to reboot my regular exercise regimen, but as a new sensory experience as well.  Big Hit Studios offers intro boxing classes for couples – they call them “sweat sessions” so needless to say this caught my attention.

Hotel:  A long soak in the Four Season’s bathtubs will be more than necessary after this rendezvous on the east side of town.


5) Used book stores

This one probably isn’t every girl’s idea of a good time, but it’s a perfect fit for me.  I love the smell of old books and the romantic serendipity of stumbling across something special alongside someone special.

Hotel:  Le Germain Mercer Street has a beautiful collection of coffee table books in their cozy lobby, and it sounds like the Fairmont Royal York’s Library Bar is a classic.


6) Music Shows

My taste in music is eclectic, so hopefully we have some overlapping tastes.  If you’re a music buff don’t hesitate to send some  ideas my way.  Right now I’m hoping to see FKA Twigs on stage and I’m always open to anything R&B, jazz, or bossa nova.

Hotel: The Shangri-la  hotel hosts live music in the lobby most evenings, which would be a great way to warm up for the evening out.


7) Speaker Series

There are a number of ongoing speaker series that feature fascinating people.  I’m generally pulled more towards issues of politics, sustainability, and social justice, so I welcome expanding my typical attractions with discussions in new media, business, and graphic design.

Hotel:  We can finish the night by discussing Donald Trumps political contributions at his eponymous hotel on Adelaide Street.


8) Live Sports

Maybe it’s the acrobatic activity being performed on a stage right in front of us, or the comfort and privacy of being served in a private booth.  Whatever the attraction is, pro games are timelessly sexy in my opinion.  Plus it could make for an interesting wager…what do I get if I win? If you win?  Soccer and basketball are at the top of my list for a date like this.

Hotel: Le Germain Maple Leaf is an intimate upscale hotel right next to the ACC.


9) A Walk in the Park

How often do we have the chance to slow down and catch our breath? I believe that the best parts of life are the simple encounters we have, the things that seem unremarkable.  Getting away from the bustle of the city, even if it’s just for a minute or two, can provide a great deal of peace.  If you can get away from the office, why not join me in exploring a quiet pocket of the city?  Bellwoods Park, Toronto Island, or a weekend trip to Prince Edward County  are all ways to find that calm.

*Extra special hotel idea*:  The Drake Hotel recently opened a secluded new location just outside of the city.


There we have it, the adventures that are on my mind lately!

Hopefully this list acts as a catalyst in your own head to expand what you thought was possible with a companion.  A comedy club? A classic movie?  The sky is limit for exploring this city, and exploring each other.

Happy trails,