Cultivate Your Joy: Why a Rebrand and My Love of Marketing as Inspired Communication

Hello all, and welcome to my brand new website!

I’m excited to finally show off this creative masterpiece that I have been working on for quite some time now!

Everything you see before you has been carefully curated by yours truly: every word you read, every colour you see;  all design and layout decisions were made by me (and yes, I’m available for hire to consult on your website :))

This fresh design and all new content was born out of the desire to answer the question: “How can I bring my most authentic and genuine self to my online presence?”

The answer I came up with was “Cultivate Your Joy”.

Cultivate Your Joy is about building joy in your life. It’s about knowing that joy and the relationships that enhance and sustain it are the end result of an investment you make. Often times, joy is constructed as something you either have, or do not. What I know is that joy is attainable for all of us. It is, however, something that needs to be built and nurtured.

While the deepest and most sustainable form of joy is found by looking within yourself, external sources can play a significant role in expanding the zest and inner bliss in your every day. This process is about being able to seek out people and experiences that will increase and inspire happiness and passion to keep flowing in your life. I believe that’s where I come in…

Speaking of inspired, I would like to share with you how this site came to life. I have organized my thoughts into three main sources of inspiration:

1) Cultivating Joy in my Own Life

The last couples of years in my life have given me the opportunity to experience loss and thus face grief head on. As a result, I decided to dive head first in several initiatives focused on inner healing and manifesting my best self. This journey was inspirational and transformational, to say the least, and I experienced first-hand the benefits of cultivating more joy and meaningful relationships in my life. I began to attract even more kindness and zest into my life this shift spread into all areas of my life.

2) Being a Part of Clients’ Joy

Over the last few years, I have managed to bring more and more of my authentic self to my time with clients. My commitments to practice honesty and sincerity in all aspects of my life, for example, have meant that the kinds of relationships I am able to create with clients have been founded on a deeper mutual respect and knowing of one another. This has made my unique relationship with each client, whether long term or a one time meeting, more fulfilling and enjoyable for us both.

Moreover, I began to receive feedback from my clients about the ways in which they were inspired to build more joy in their lives. Amongst this feedback, I was told that I restored someone’s faith in young people (while saddened that it had been lost in the first place!) and inspired another to take on projects that helped them infuse more and more kindness into the world. From these stories evolved ‘Cultivate Your Joy’.

3) Learning the (Love) Language of Digital Marketing:

In the last year or so, I have immersed myself in the digital marketing scene, learning everything I could and meeting as many people in the field whose values have aligned with mine. I became fascinated by the psychology behind many marketing principles and techniques. What I have found is that, through the tools and strategies of digital marketing I can use my online presentation as a way to put my true self out into the world and attract the people whose company I would most value and vice versa.

Even though it’s not always used this way, marketing is about communicating to people what things you can offer them: how you can best serve them and the ways you can best contribute to the world in order to make it a better place. Keeping with this, Cultivate Your Joy is my way of communicating my gift for lighting up any room I’m in and reminding people of the ways they can do the same. My use of marketing then, is an expansion of my broader goal of connecting to people and fostering more authentic and joyful human connections.

There it is! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how this website came to be and get to experience the best of what this new site and all its new content has to offer!