A Message from Pearl…

Hello sweetness,

I’ve been meaning to blog again for a while now and this month brought me the perfect opportunity. My wonderful and beautiful friend Pearl is visiting me in Ottawa this Sunday Sept 25th- Tuesday September 27th and we are looking for a third to lavish in our company. This is a unique opportunity because Pearl has a passion for travel and she does not grace us enough with her presence in Ottawa. You can read more about Pearl on her website: www.pearllovelee.com

I’ll leave you to this special message from her…

Message from Pearl:

Alexandra-Sky’s generosity has no match. Generous with her truly golden heart and abundance of warmth and laughter. Luckily for us both, she is kindly offering you the opportunity to experience my unique brand of embodied shamelessness…

Those who already know me have experienced what an exhibitionist I can be. Well here’s something else I’ll tell you about me, I’m equally inclined as a voyeur.  Attached is a photo from the last time I revelled in watching Sky. Her abundant warm plush breasts heaving from deep breaths and Botticelli behind naked and shyly exposed with nowhere to hide.

Hers is the type of body you want to tune like a fine instrument matched to your masterful melody.

I want to watch you both. Have you become my show. Leading, directing, and creating. Orchestrating heightened peaks of pleasure so rich you never quite come all the way down from the high. The thrill of your eyes watching back is exhilarating. Only after having made you impatiently squirm will I crawl over Sky’s spent body to feed your craving.

Take this chance and allow yourself to explore the depths of your desire. Of course, if you’re not quite ready for the deep end of the ocean, then wait near the shore and I’ll meet you near the surf where we’ll safely ride the waves and feel the spray of Sky’s glory nonetheless.